People with Accents

by People with Accents

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Recorded in bedrooms and hallways between September and December of 2012


released December 21, 2012

Alex McEntee: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Other
Jacob Saulsbury: Drums

Recorded and mixed by Jacob Saulsbury and Alex McEntee


tags: rock Portland


all rights reserved


People with Accents Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Mirror Time
Meet me through the vibration
at a self-directed impression
the feeling bleeds

As the city provides the landmark,
the film provides the lesson
So what else do you need?

My dreams all tell me I'm headless,
so when you ask "what's the question?"
I don't know what you mean

From what you've heard,
I'm unsure we can leave here
but give me your word
you won't tell what you've seen here

Memories proceed from left to right in hypnagogic fashion
hey man, I heard you got a piece of the action
anyone who's left to fight the current underneath the ice
better ask if they got it right
Track Name: Equal Temperment
At the wake, he stares at the room,
with a nod, is welcomed in
a polished lens captures the light
but stories tell where he's been

Before they start, he asks if it's real,
but no one cares to answer him

What he really wants to know, is how a young man goes
from an angel in Gilead, to the CO2RA where he first had
fantasies of service, a neophile but nervous

He was told to stay, so he sailed away
the situation calls for ice and stone, it's easier without the ties to home
just make sure there's someone in mind, you give the signal they pull the line

Rumor says the day's to blame, that we're still the same,
try telling your eyes that; they're reflecting nothing back
it's a prize, but the name isn't known, it's a story built on atmospherics alone

It's hard to know where the sequence starts,
given what the metrics are
you said you were on to something big,
but I bet you never did the Kenosha Kid
am I right, did I hit it on the nose,
can you answer in the form of polyphony-prose?
Track Name: Latecomer
I know
wherever I go
you've been there before
trudging on

At least
expression can be
new to me
we're moving on

The predecessor's necessarily wrong
images fade, but the pattern's still strong
tide breaks the streak, it's gone out
I know I'm not gonna pout

I'm not gonna hope (too broke)
we'll take it slow (animal)
and feed you the weak (please take)
as much as you need (swing wide)
it means he believes (sounds like)
a countdown to me
Track Name: Far and Away
Say what you really mean
'cause I don't ever wanna be alone
when I heard you say
you didn't wanna wait
I thought I'd be okay

If it's a matter of reach,
better not to know
I'd rather see my sheets
between your toes
remember the heat
a year ago?

You broke the spell
I wish you well
don't try too hard